Things to Know about Southlake

High-End Living

You’ll find nothing but prime real estate within the Southlake city limits with the median home price around $665,000, well above the national average. The residents here are well educated and earn an average of $193,000 per household. With these kinds of demographics, you can expect to find the best schools for children to learn and the classiest stores to complete everyday shopping.

Great People / Beautiful Homes

Most people in Southlake are very successful, on the go, and enjoy life to the fullest, leaving no room for do-it-yourself projects and tedious chores. Any gardener, electrician, or plumber in Southgate will find that business is very lucrative with no problem finding jobs to fill their workday. The homes and buildings are well-maintained and landscaped making the city a beautiful site to see and enjoy.

The Southlake Town Square

Southlake is famous for its 130 acre town square that first opened in 1999. It’s the place where locals and tourists go for high-end shopping, to watch the latest movie at the theatre, or for fine dining with the special person or with the whole family. The open-air spaces and pavilion that are a part of the town square are perfect for scheduled entertainment, street fairs, or just relaxing and enjoying the view.

Your Bound to Enjoy Your Visit To Southlake